Have You Ever Read The Bible Cover to Cover?

Have You Ever Read The Bible Cover to Cover?

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

As of yesterday, I can finally say that I have read the whole Bible cover to cover.

What. A. Ride.

I keep typing and deleting. I cannot find the words to express how deeply I have been cut. “Cut to the core” doesn’t seem to be enough. Hebrews describes it best.

hebrews 412

It pierces to the devision of soul and spirit, joints and marrow, and I am forever changed.

My first thought when I finished the last words of Revelation was that I needed to tell you all what I read. I would go through, chapter by chapter, and explain to you all what it says! But then I remembered that those words I was writing to you would be my words. So many of us read other’s words. This is what I did for years, read everyone else’s words about God and life and even the Bible, but I wasn’t reading actual Bible! No man’s words have any power. Only God’s words have that. So instead of telling you all what the Bible says, I will do my very best to urge you to read it for yourself.

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away. Luke 21:33

Have a wonderful week Peaches!

Have you ever read the Bible cover to cover?