Structured Eating: The Fail-Safe


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Since last week’s topic was one that I know scares the crap out of many of you, I thought I would provide you with a more comforting topic today. Last we discussed an intuitive approach to eating, this week we will discuss the fail-safe of structured eating.

Structured Eating


Since I was bulimic for so long, my body’s hunger cues and my mindset toward food were completely out of whack. You don’t have to be bulimic to have this happen. There are many roads that can lead to a disordered relationship with eating. Structured eating is a fantastic tool to bring some peace to the chaos.

Structured eating is exactly what it sounds like. You are structuring your eating! It won’t be forever, but if your eating is completely out of control, structured eating will help you find your footing until you are at a place to tackle the intuitive approach. But DO NOT rush it. Think of how long you have been in disorder, let yourself heal. Don’t push it. Structure your eating as long as you need to.

How to Structure Your Eating

Structuring your meals is really easy.

Three Meals, Three Snacks

Every day you will have three meals and three snacks. No calorie counting or worrying about if your right or wrong in your choices.

Plan The Day Before

Take some time the day before to plan these meals and snacks and make sure they are of easy access for the next day.

Make it SIMPLE

Make the meals and snacks healthy meals that you enjoy (but remember, don’t worry about if they are right or wrong. When in doubt, it’s healthy. Really.) but keep them SIMPLE. No extravagant recipes or things that need a lot of preparing. Not right now. Just three easy meals and three easy snacks.


Here is an example of a day of structured eating.

Breakfast: egg and cheese sandwich, coffee with cream and sugar

Snack: yogurt, small apple

Lunch: turkey, cheese, and mayo in a wrap, 

Snack: dry roasted peanuts, pack of raisins  

Dinner: Chicken in a salad with as many veggies as you want, avocado, and a couple tablespoons of your favorite dressing

Snack: Candy bar, cup of tea

You see how this example has no restrictions. It involves all of the food groups and even has a dessert at the end. I think my fellow binge eaters out there would all agree that the meal plan above has thousands of calories less than a typical binge. Do not be afraid of carbs. Do not afraid of candy. Think of it this way, if you continued on with your current way of eating, how would that look in thirty years? If you are a binge eater like I was, the outlook isn’t good, is it? But even if you never made it to intuitive eating, continuing on with the meal plan above would give you a much brighter future.

I hope (and if you want me to pray, let me know! I will!) that you all are given the peaceful approach to food that is intuitive eating. But if currently, you are in the horrific throws of an eating disorder, structured eating is an amazing fail-safe.

*I am NOT a doctor or a nutritionist. I am just someone who has been through it all. Please make sure that you take my advice on here as only supplemental to the help you receive through your doctor and therapist.