Sugarless Update + Cheat Meals + Day 21 MHC

Happy Valentines Day!

Jason had these beautiful sugar free roses delivered to the door this afternoon. 😉


I love him.

I’ve decided to combine a bunch of topics into one post from now on. I want to document my Hammer and Chisel Journey but I don’t want that to be all I blog about for 60 days. I have been meaning to update you all on how my sugarlessness is going. What better day than Valentine’s Day to do so right?

So today I am sharing an update on being sugarless, what I eat for cheat meals, and then Day 21 of The Master’s Hammer and Chisel!

Sugarless Update!


I quit sugar on October 30, 2016 so it’s been three and a half months. I can’t believe it’s only been three and a half months! It seriously feels like I have been sugarless forever. Not in a bad way, it such a good way! I still do not have one ounce of regret for quitting. I no longer experience that weird sugar coma that I used to get when I would eat too much sugar. And it was always too much sugar, that’s the whole reason I quit. I was just sick of being tired and I was tired of making progress on a healthy eating plan only to be completely derailed the minute I took a bite of a cupcake. Plus, the sugar exhausts me. I have so much more energy to devote to my life now. I have a husband and 2 kids that need a wife and mom, I am a Beachbody coach and am having the best time helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle, plus I am the one that does all the housework. I don’t have time to be exhausted nor do I want to be! I enjoy being able to give 100% in my day and if that takes quitting sugar, so be it. It feels so good to be healthy and to approach food with more control.  So all is well in the sugarless world and I am settling in and making myself cozy.

So What About Cheat Meals?

So what about cheat meals? Do I still eat them? Yes, I just don’t have any sugar. It’s funny how once you kick sugar, chicken and eggs become really salty and fruit is like candy. My favorite cheat meal is actually salted nuts and oatmeal unsweetened applesauce and I often have that at home. When I go out to eat, my indulgence is in alcohol haha. Not a lot of it. I didn’t include alcohol in my quitting junky sugar because I don’t have it all the time and when I do I don’t feel the need to drink a ton of it like I did when I would have a donut or a cookie. But it’s not just the alcohol that is the indulgence when I go out to eat. I love not having to cook, being out with my family, and having something I don’t usually have at home like steak or swordfish. This has proven to be a much more enjoyable way to indulge than going out and having this huge fried calorie filled meal with dessert and drinks and everything. When I used to do this I felt terrible the rest of the night and had no energy to do anything else. The only fun I had was in the actually eating of the food. There is so much more fun to be had!

So I do cheat but not with sugar. 🙂

PS- I have said this before and I will say it again. There is nothing wrong with eating sugar in moderation. This blog is me sharing with you the things that are working for me in my fitness journey and sugar has proved to be more trouble than it is worth for me. I am by no means saying that I think everyone should quit sugar for good.

The Master’s Hammer and Chisel Day 21: Chisel ISO Strength

BURN!!! Burn burn burn. I am now getting the hang of things in these workouts and adding more weight. It burns! This was my second time doing this workout. You do 3 sets of each exercise. In each set, you do 10 reps and then hold the movement for 10 seconds. It burned so bad but it was a great workout. It feels so good to work hard!

Here’s what I ate today….



That’s all for today folks!


What did you get/do for Valentines Day?

Have you ever stopped doing something that most people do? What was it and what was our experience?

What did you do for exercise today?


Sugarless Indulgences

Good afternoon!

In case you missed my post where I quit sugar, I have been completely sugarless (the junky kind) since October 30th, 2016. So almost 3 months. It’s crazy that it’s only been 3 months because it feels like I have been living this way my whole life. Life without sugar is not only way easier than I thought but way better than I thought as well! If you have been on the fence about whether to banish the stuff from your life, I say do it. There is no nutritional need for junky sugar and quitting may will open your eyes to so many other little indulgences in life that are not so destructive toward your energy, weight loss goals, and overall wellbeing. Here are some little things that I find indulgent that also happen to be sugar-free!

Starbucks Grande Non-fat Latte


If you can get to where you like black coffee, the latte becomes a creamy and dreamy break from the norm. I am a die-hard coffee lover so of course the latte is at the top of my list!



Ok, make sure you check the label because kombuchas do have sugar! But if you can find one that is sugarless, they make a great soda alternative. They are also good for your gut health so its a win win!
But whatever you do, DO NOT SHAKE THE BOTTLE. There is this stuff at the bottom of kombucha, kind of like the stuff in apple cider vinegar, you will be tempted to shake the bottle…… do not shake the bottle. I repeat, do not shake the bottle!

Unless you want to take a shower in kombucha that it.

Vanilla Shakeology In Greek Yogurt


Shakeology in Greek yogurt is simply joyous. This is my breakfast every single day but it seems indulgent to me. Any flavor will work but I love vanilla. It’s sweetened with stevia but has absolutely NO aftertaste so it makes a wonderful sweet and creamy treat. Most people drink Shakeology as a shake but I like to eat it. 🙂
It also helps me stick to my sugarless commitment by meeting all of my nutritional needs. No deficiencies means no cravings! High five!

Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk Latte 


My dad got me the Starbucks Verismo brewing system for Christmas and I LOVE it. I was a barista for 7 years but this machine makes it so easy to make your favorite coffee drinks. I have been making lattes with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. They are just as awesome as the non-fat latte from Starbucks but have a yummy nutty flavor. Having a latte in the comfort of my own home is definitely indulgent.

Any Greek Yogurt/Fruit/Salty Nut Concoction


Mmmmm, salty sweet. This particular concoction has Greek yogurt, unsweetened applesauce, uncooked oats, and salted nuts.

Lemon Cayenne Kevita

You may be wondering if lemon and cayenne would be a good flavor combo, I assure you it is. This beverage is so refreshing and only has 10 calories in the whole bottle!



Michelob Ultra


Hey, live a little.



Do you have a sugarless indulgence to share? Please do!

5 Tips To Ensuring Your Pants Still Fit For New Years

Hi Peaches!

The holidays are here! This is no doubt my absolute favorite time of the year. I love crisp weather, sweaters and boots, shopping, Christmas decor, and enjoying time with family and friends. BUT along with enjoying time with family and friends comes loads of food. And not just any food, food on steroids. Everywhere you look there is creamy casseroles, sweet potatoes with extra sweetness, and cookies, cakes, and candies as far as the eye can see.

Now, by the title you may think that I am going to encourage you not to indulge in these things during your holiday but to try to stick to your guns and forgo the goodies. No way. If you WANT to indulge by all means indulge!!! I just have a few tips for those of us that want to stay the course this holiday or just do not want to fall off the wagon completely. So if you are in one of those categories, stay tuned for my 5 tips to ensuring you still fit into your pants come New Years.

My 5 Tips To Ensuring Your Pants Still Fit For New Years

1) Stand Firm!

I’ll go ahead and get the tough love out of the way first.

NEWSFLASH! Heres how many people care about you being in shape besides yourself……  0

You can’t count on anyone else to lose your weight for you. You have to do it YOURSELF. And yourself is the one who is going to stay on track during the holidays. Do not expect anyone to accommodate you. If they do it’s a bonus, but most likely you will be faced with food pushed in your face and have to answer 1000 questions as to why you are not eating one of every dessert. Know this, expect this, prepare to stand firm. Explain that you have a certain goal and that you are going to meet it. Do not act like you are unhappy that you cannot indulge, this only invites more food pushing. Just be polite and stand firm. You are not the only one at the party, the food will get eaten. And remember, it’s one thing if you WANT to indulge, but don’t be guilted into eating something you don’t want to.

2) Plan Your Indulgence


If you do want to indulge a bit, decide in advance what that will be. Maybe you just want one plate of food with one dessert instead of taking five trips to fill up your plate and then spending the rest of the afternoon picking at the dessert table. Know how you will indulge and then stick to that. I like to have coffee after my meal as kind of a “sign off”. Just a little something to tell myself I am done eating. If you don’t like coffee, try tea or a mint.

3) Pack Some Extra Snacks



If your family gatherings are anything like mine, they last a whole lot longer than just lunch or dinner. If you are spending more than just a few hours somewhere it’s a good idea to pack some healthy snacks so that you don’t get stuck being hungry with only decadent foods around. I like to pack Greek yogurt, hard boiled eggs, and nuts.

4) Where Your Skinny Jeans

Or something that will show off your extended belly if you give into gorging yourself. If you are wearing a fitted shirt, you will think a lot more about how much you are eating simply because it will show! If you are wearing jeans and eat too much, you will know! Those things get tight! Nothing says “overindulged” like having to unbutton your pants. Oops.

5) Relax

This tip is for those of us who are on a role with weight loss. When you have been doing so good and actually making headway, it can be stressful to think about being faced with a lot of tempting foods and people pushing those tempting foods on you as well! Try to relax. If you stress yourself out about it all before even going to the gathering, I can tell you from experience you will just give in to the overwhelm and eat everything you see when you are actually there. Don’t stress, get a game plan before you go, do your best, and focus on the true meaning of the holidays. Faith, giving, family, and friends.

*Bonus Tip- If You End Up Having More Calories Than Planned, Use Them To Your Advantage!

If you end up having a little more fun than you thought you would, no problem! Use the calories to grow your lagging muscle group. Muscle needs a calorie surplus to grow so the day after indulging is the best time to workout with heavy weights! Looking to perk up a sagging booty? Do squats with heavy weights the day after your Thanksgiving feast.

So there you go! If you WANT to stay on track this holiday season, I hope you find these tips helpful (I feel that I need to keep emphasizing “want” because I by no means think that indulging is a bad thing!)

Have a wonderful, warm, and blessed holiday season everyone. 🙂


Do you try to stay on track with diet and exercise over the holidays?

If so, what are some ways that you keep from overindulging?




Halloween Success!

Good morning!

And happy November! It was on November 1st, 4 years ago that my life was forever changed. I thank God everyday for letting me be Ryan’s mom.

Happy birthday to sweet, funny Ryan!!!


Words cannot express the love I have for this boy. These past 4 years have been nothing short of pure joy. But time please slow down!

Halloween Success!


As you know, I quit sugar on Saturday. If you are contemplating quitting sugar, I highly recommend doing so two days before the sugariest day of the year. It’s kind of like going for a run and tackling a massive hill 30 seconds into it, it’s the ultimate test of your strength haha!

Last night really wasn’t difficult though. I am so over the binges and set backs and feeling terrible. Whenever I look at candy now all I see are bad feelings! I did not eat any candy last night nor did I wish that I was. So no candy plus good feelings equals Halloween success!

Jason and Ryan on the other hand did eat the candy and had no bad feelings about it whatsoever haha.


Like I said before, someone’s gotta be the pioneer around here.

Have a great start to your month yall!

20 Things That Are More Fun Than Sugar

Good Morning Peaches!

And Happy Halloween!!! Here are my little pumpkin heads.

I mean, I can’t stand the cuteness!!!!

If you missed Saturday’s kinda angry post, you know that instead of diving into my children’s Halloween candy this year, I have quit sugar all together. For now, I am the only one quitting sugar in my household. Someone has to be the pioneer I guess.


I feel exactly the way I did back when I quit smoking (for the record, that was a LONG time ago). I don’t even crave sugar anymore. I only have it when I think I am supposed to, like when I have a cheat meal, or when it is given to me. BUT once I have a little bit, it’s over, I have no control. It’s not one cookie, it’s 15. It’s not a scoop of ice cream, it’s the whole pint. Or maybe it was a half gallon. I mean who remembers these things? 😉 Sugar is the ONLY food that I have absolutely no self control with. I do not deprive myself, I eat a very wholesome diet and do not cut calories. It’s not like my body s binging from deprivation. So I am going ahead and saying “Sugar, it’s not me it’s you. We don’t work well as a couple. I’m leaving you.”

Since quitting, many thoughts have been bouncing around in my mind. What do I say when people ask me why I’m not eating it? What do I do at holidays? At birthday parties? On date nights? What about my beloved cheat meals?

To the first question, I have just decided to be honest and say that I can’t handle sugar so I do not eat it. To answer what I will do on holidays/birthdays/date nights/cheat meals, I have made a list of 20 things that are as much fun or even more fun than eating junk! Here it is!

20 Things That Are More Fun Than Sugar

  1. Watching a moving
  2. Fitting into things
  3. Having a cup of coffee with a friend
  4. Not feeling sick
  5. Trying a sugarless meal at a new restaurant
  6. Not getting cavities
  7. Playing a board game
  8. Experiencing no regret
  9. Hiking
  10. Bowling
  11. Playing pool
  12. Not being addicted to sugar
  13. Feeling in control of my appetite
  14. Conversating
  15. Shopping (shopping!!!)
  16. Experimenting with sugarless recipes
  17. Watching the sunset
  18. Playing with the kids
  19. Having energy to play with the kids
  20. Weight loss! Hello! I just had a baby, I don’t have time for extra pounds.

Those should keep me busy for a while.

What is something that you could do instead of eating junk?

Have a fabulous Monday!



I QUIT!!!!!

I QUIT!!!!

I quit sugar. I can’t handle it. I fall completely off the wagon whenever I have it. And nothing good even comes from it! It tastes good while I am eating it but then I feel terrible for days afterward! I’m done. Done! I have been wanting to quit for a long time now but haven’t had enough faith in myself that I could do it. I do now.

No more processed sugar for me from this point forward.

This includes….

  • white sugar
  • brown sugar
  • raw sugar
  • coconut sugar
  • Any sugar that is in granular form!

So unless it’s natural sugar like in fruit or wine, I’m not consuming it. And yes, it’s about to be the holidays. I’ll survive.

That is all. Thank you.