Focusing On Addition Instead Of Subtraction

Hi Peaches!

Here’s a little food for thought to take you into the weekend.

Focusing On Addition Instead Of Subtraction


Whether you are cutting calories or just revamping your diet in order to lose some weight and get in shape, it is  easy to get blindsided by thoughts of subtraction.

“I can’t have my favorite dessert anymore.”

“I can’t have a drink to relax whenever I want it anymore.”

“I will no longer be able to indulge as much as I want on the holidays.”

“I can no longer enjoy a movie with a bucket of popcorn.”

“Nights out with my friends will no longer be fun because they are eating all the fun stuff and I am not able to indulge as often.”

This thinking is a sure fire way to NEVER make a a healthy change and NEVER meet your goal!

Instead, fill your mind with thoughts of addition. Just like being grateful for the things you are blessed with in life can completely change your attitude and outlook in life, filling your mind with thoughts of addition can change your attitude and outlook toward your weight loss and fitness goals! When you are excited about what you are doing, it makes the journey a whole lot smoother!

Thoughts of Addition

Instead of thinking about how hard the journey ahead of you is, focus on how exciting it will be getting to the new you. Envision yourself at the end having achieved your goal. If it is weight loss, Set your mind inside that new you and even think of yourself as that new you. Know that every step you are taking is bring you more and more into that new body! No more hoping to be fit one day, you are living fit RIGHT NOW!

Instead of  focusing on all the things that you won’t be eating, focus on all the things that you will be ADDING to your life making it the full, healthy life you always wanted and shuttling you to your end goal of your goal weight, new jeans, or life without medication.

Here are some thoughts to focus on!

  • Am I making sure I am eating 3 healthy meals and 2-3 healthy snacks every day?
  • Am I ADDING some protein to every meal?
  • Am I ADDING a serving of fruit to a few of my meals?
  • Am I ADDING lots of colorful vegetables to my meals?
  • Am I ADDING quality whole grains to my diet?
  • Am I ADDING enough water to make sure I am hydrated?
  • Am I ADDING enough dairy into my diet?
  • Am I ADDING exercise that I enjoy to my day?
  • Am I ADDING enough sleep to my nights to help my weight loss?
  • I am totally ADDING something amazing to my household and relationships because I have more energy and a better attitude!!!

I feel awesome now just after typing those! When we focus on thoughts of addition, we crowd out the thoughts of subtraction. There is simply no mind space left for them to fit!


Do you focus on thoughts of addition?

What are some thoughts of addition that you have today?

Have a great weekend yall!






3 Hour Fasting Glucose Test

Hey Peaches!

Happy Friday!

Well, the first part of this day was kind of a whirlwind. I woke up, washed my face, got ready, and headed to my 3 hour fasted glucose test. In case you missed it, I had to do this because, to my surprise, I failed last week’s glucose test. Man, when you are used to your daily dose of morning caffeine, you sure feel it when you don’t have it. Whew!

When I got to the doctor’s office, they called me back and immediately took my blood. Then I had to drink a sugar drink like the one I had last week but with DOUBLE the sugar in it! I was going to take a picture but the nurse was watching me drink it and it felt strange to try to snap a pic real quick haha.

Just like this but with 100 grams of sugar instead
For you pregnant mama’a out there who have yet to take the drink, I’m sure that you have heard it is disgusting. Don’t worry to much, it’s not like you will have to hold your nose while you take it. While it is super sweet, the taste is like an extra extra sweet Hawaiian Punch. So it’s not that bad. Just way to sweet to actually enjoy.

After the drink I had to wait an hour, have my blood drawn again, wait an hour, have my blood drawn again, wait an hour, and have my blood drawn for a fourth time. Ow! While the blood drawing was definitely no fun at all, the worst part was the waiting. I brought all kind of things to entertain myself for the long wait like my phone, my Bible, my notebooks and journals, but when the sugar drink kicked in I found myself EXHAUSTED and completely zoned out haha! I perused social media for a while but eventually found even that hard to focus on and just resorted to watching the people in the waiting room. Poor patients. Trying to relax and wait for their appointment while a buzzed out girl with an insane sugar high stares from across the room.

What’s crazy is, I looked at the nutrition information and the glucose drink contained 450 calories and 100 carbs. I know for a fact loads of people have this for breakfast every morning at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. How in the heck do they make it through there day???

Finally, the test was done. I anxiously awaited my results……….. and was told I will find out next week. Dang!

To be continued……..