VIDEO: Actually… John 15:16

Good morning!

Here is this week’s Actually. I am reading John 15:16 in its context to see if we will really get whatever we want if we ask for it in Jesus’s name.

I say 17 in the video but I mean 16! Oops!

Actually…John 15:16





VIDEO: Read Your Bible To Have a Relationship With God

Hey Peaches!

Here is this week’s Bible reminder! We have to keep in mind that a relationship is not all about us.

Read Your Bible to Have a Relationship With God 


VIDEO: Do Not Be Ruled By Your Feelings

Good morning!

Here is my weekly video reminder to read your Bible! This week’s topic is knowing your Bible so that you aren’t ruled by your feelings.

Don’t forget to share your memory verse for the week below!

Do Not Be Ruled By By Your Feelings